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26 May 2013 @ 01:32 am
Music Matters Live 2013 - flumpool  
Music Matters Live 2013 - flumpool
23 May 2013 – that was my 7th day of birthday and it ended on a splendid note.

I told my usual concert-mate Yijie @hiddenbytears whom has totally no clue about the event that Flumpool will be coming to town on Thursday to perform at Clarke Quay, what’s more for free! We agreed to meet for dinner prior to their performance time and of course, head down to see them perform live that day.

Being very excited, I’ve also downloaded their latest album “experience” to listen so that I can relate more to their songs on that day, just in case they sang more than their usual hits. Half of me was also hoping that they would sing Kimi ni Todoke, after knowing that they sang that for their previous showcase in Singapore.

I’ve also planned to wear the highest heels I had on that day because I knew I’d be struggling with a crowd full of tall foreigners and pretty girls with super high heels for party.

On that day itself, I met up with Nadiah for lunch and she asked me if I was free at night to attend the event. Thrilled, I told her that I’ve already had that event noted in my schedule and asked her if she wanted to tag along with Yijie and I. She instantly agreed.

When evening fell, I met up with Yijie at The Central for dinner and proceeded to the Clarke Quay bar area at around 7.30pm. Our anticipation grew when we casually approached the party crowd.

Mushroom Noodles - Real Food Mushroom Bruschetta - Real Food
Mushroom Noodles for me and Mushroom Bruschetta for Yijie. Restaurant: Real Food

The first artist we met was At Sunset from Australia at Crazy Elephant – really cool band with cool music. However, we only managed to catch one song before the bar staff chased us away because we didn’t buy drinks lol.

We then sauntered to the fountain stage, now feeling really excited after seeing At Sunset performed. On stage was SWISS from New Zealand, I believed, then. As it was still a long while to Flumpool’s performance, we decided to stroll around the area. It was then that we met Chris Ashton and Andy Stuart from Fluorescent Hearts, UK whom kindly passed us their flyers and told us they will be performing at Paulander Wirstshaus at 8.30pm. We said, “sure!” (*ahem*) and quickly grabbed them again when we parted and asked if we could take a photo with them.

Fluorescent Hearts

Along the way strolling around, we met up with Nadiah, brushed against Faber Drive (should have asked for a photo with them!) and enjoyed to performances from Dub FX, Australia and The Chairman, Taiwan. We debated whether we should wait at the side of the stage for Flumpool before their performance so that we can take photos with them but in the end, I made the decision not to do so… Well, I wanted to watch them as close to the stage as possible and besides, we can always run after them when they ended (which we did!)

When The Chairman sang their last song, the crowd roared as they played a video for J-rock Matters – Flumpool, SID and WEAVER. Seiji went up on stage first to do a testing to the drums – really cool and made me speechless – I’ve always loved drummers and him “performing solo” made my heart flutter.

We did not need to wait for long before the group was on stage, ready to perform. All I can say was that I was completely star-struck – the mood and energy was simply great, the fans were cheering on non-stop and Ryuta made the atmosphere really electrifying with his passion and interactions with the fans. Though there was a few times where a fan-made board blocked my view, it was, in general, still a marvelous experience. Ryuta was as good-looking as he can get in real life. I was so glad that I listened to their album before the event and it made me enjoy and appreciate their live performance even more.

Order of performances:
1. Kakusei Identity
2. Touch
3. Hana ni Nare
5. Answer

Final performance – Answer

And this was what happened immediately after their last song – we ran and chase after them (mind me, I was in my heels!)

隆太 さん〜〜 愛してる〜〜!!”
That was me shouting by the way. Followed by Yijie with her "疲れ様でした". Hahaha.

That was totally impromptu and to be honest, I wasn’t embarrassed when I shouted that… not until the next day Nadiah uploaded this for us to see. Gosh, I don’t even know if I was thinking straight then!

At first I thought they wouldn’t “reply” us, but who knows! Ryuta turned back with a smile, put his arm in the air and waved. Genki too, turned to look at us with a smile. It wasn’t captured in the video but that image was deeply etched in our minds.

That totally made my day.

What else can be in my mind? Ryuta, of course! And Genki as well… but 99% of my brain was just filled with Ryuta, Ryuta and Ryuta. I couldn’t stop giggling after that and a few times I wondered if I looked weird that way.

We went back to the crowd to catch SID’s performance but as Nadiah did not feel well by that time (probably because she didn’t eat dinner), we left the crowd after three songs. On the way back to The Central, we met At Sunset again and they greeted us with a cheerful “hello”. We didn’t ask for a photo but I was really delighted by their friendly gesture.

SID's performance and a scary image of Mao with a Sadako lookalike fan lol.
Music Matters Live - SID Music Matters Live - SID

As an ending note, even though I was there mainly for Flumpool, I do find the event as what they claimed – “an extraordinary showcase covering ALL THAT MATTERS in music, entertainment, technology and media”. The line-ups were amazing and energetic and all the performances that I’ve watched were really memorable.

But nothing beats that single moment from Ryuta (and Genki) of course. How can I ever forget that? :)

*Pending group image from Yijie hahahaha*
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